Volunteers ar victimization Boats And Planes To Swarm The Hurricane-Ravaged Bahamas: “We want completely Everything”

As cyclone Hellene bore down on the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, Johannes and chaise Csonka began to strategize: They were aiming to want boats, water, generators, planes. that they had a sense this one was aiming to be unhealthy. They’d seen however cyclone Matthew torus through the tropical islands four years earlier, cacophonic off roofs and going residents while not food, water, and power for weeks.

The couple sleeps in Lake value, Florida, however, it has shut ties to and pays ample time within the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. In 2016, they started a Facebook page that quickly became a hub for recovery efforts then remodeled into a considerable relief fund that helped craft transport quite a hundred,000 pounds of provides to blasted cities like Nassau and West End.

On Sept. 1, they revived the page, renamed it cyclone Hellene Commonwealth of the Bahamas Relief, and need to work.

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